International Conference Workshop (refereed)

  • Masanari Kimura and Masayuki Tanaka. Interpretation of Feature Space using Multi-Channel Attentional Sub-Networks, CVPR Workshop on Explainable AI, 2019.
  • Masanari Kimura and Takashi Yanagihara. Anomaly Detection Using GANs for Visual Inspection in Noisy Training Data, InProc. ACCV Workshop on Advanced Machine Vision for Real-life and Industrially Relevant Applications, 2018.
  • Kento Nozawa, Masanari Kimura, and Atsunori Kanemura. Analyzing Centralities of Embedded Nodes, In Proc. ICDM Workshop on Large Scale Graph Representation Learning and Applications, 2018.

Domestic Conferences

  • Ryosuke Sato, Masanari Kimura, "Progressive Data Increasing as the Neural Network Initializer". JSAI, 2019.
  • Masanari Kimura, Kei Wakabayashi, “Graph-based Label Extension Using Restricted Discriminative-random Walk”. Information Processing Society of Japan. Transactions on databases, Vol.10, No.4, 2017.12 (pdf)

Domestic Conferences (non-refereed)

  • Masanari Kimura, Kei Wakabayashi, “Active Learning based on Submodular Optimization Considering Label Expansion”. Information-Based Induction Sciences; IBIS, 6 pages, 2017.11


  • Anomaly Detection Method for Visual Inspections using Generative Adversarial Learning (GTC Japan 2018)
  • Active Learning based on Submodular Optimization Considering Label Expansion (IBIS2017)
  • Graph-based Label Extension Using Restricted Discriminative-random Walk (WebDBForum2017)

Services (Peer review experiences)

  • IEEE Access: 1


  • 株式会社チームラボ賞: 木村 正成, 若林 啓. 制限付き識別ランダムウォークによるグラフベースのラベル拡張. 第10回 Webとデータベースに関するフォーラム (WebDB Forum 2017), 2017.
  • Discovery channel Code Contest 2016 本戦出場

Academic Society

  • 人工知能学会 正会員
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